Right on to magic I’ll deal with a very brief note on the universal truths of magic and then on to each of the three main cultures take on it.

Right – Magic is real. Tangible and concrete. It does involve study, concentration and ingrediants from mortal man. Demigods or demon’s bastards might have inate magical abilities.  In fact people born with inate magical ability through divine or demonic ancenstry are known as witches and are commonly regarded as a race apart from mortal man. This might bring forth memories of mutants in the Marvel universe but I’m also thinking of the Grimm fairy tales and some African beleifs where ‘witches’ are seen as inhuman.  As to magics effects it is capable of D&D style whizz bangs but that invovles a LOT of energy and subtler magic is strongly recommended for a long life. Finally on the effect of magic study – it’s a common assessment that magic study often invovles opening the mind chakra before the heart chakra and this appears endorsed by the degree of hissy fits, falling outs and feuds that exist in the real world occult community. Well as conflict is good drama let’s say the same is commonly true amongst magic students in this fantasy world leading to plenty of work for adventurers as muscles in this magical conflicts.

Oh and those inate magic users? – their bodyparts are excellent ingrediants for studied mages spells.

Turning first to Tawy – Tawy is a monarchical theocracy with Priests running the country. Magic is seen as just another tool of good government alongside writing, arirthmatic, astronomy and astrology etc; Hence a degree of magic knowledge is common even amongst no users (think equivalent to science GCSE level as opposed to post-docturate science of a master magican.) Magic is not inately feared though it’s use in the hands of the evil is. Baring in mind my comments above Tawy probably has a disproportionate numbers of sinister bald men in mascra. The naturally magical are praised as demigods.

 The Reich however is a neitschean wet dream of strong armed barbarians who have established themselves as chiefs, jarls, Kings and ultimately Kaiser through strength and wit but not education. The naturally magical find places in society as cunny men and shamens being incorporated into religious positions at a local level or alternatively killed. There is no provision and only suspicion of those who have trained to become magic users, the Reich has a proud tradition of strong armed warriors meeting fame and fortune through despatching dangerous foriegn wizards which is informed by folk tales along the same lines.

The People of the Valley do not regard other people’s gods as gods proper – depending on their theology they are at best misguided spirits and at worse demons. Accordingly the naturally magical are shunned and even hunted down – thou shall not suffer a witch to live. Education is prized but the suspcion of the naturally magical feeds into the students of magic. However given that magic has certain beenfits as compromise has been reached – a magical system has been refined which fits into the dictates of Scriptures of the People of the Valley. Through close reading and numerlogical chicanery students of scripture can learn a form of magic. In soem place this is restrcited to the Priesthood in others open to laymen. Particular spells might only be open to particualr sects and subject to accusation of practicing demon worshiping foriegn magic or inate magic (being a witch.) So magic use is avialable but it’s a dangerous profession to persue.

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