The Authors

Phil Ambler is an amateur wordsmith currently honing his trade in the south of England. A writer of short horror stories and lover of writing in general. Follow me @phlambler on Twitter or listen to me waffle on the wonderful Scrolls. Feedback always welcomed.

Shaun Avery is a writer and lover of both prose and comic scripts, and has recently had work published in Futurequake and the 2000ad fanzine Tales from the Emerald Isle. He has more comic strips currently in production, and his prose work can be found at and
Matt Farr is a podcaster, blogger, twitterer and general profligate spreader of his opinions on the internet. He can be followed on twitter @thegrampus, and posting reviews over at He likes Lego, Books, Gaming and has been known to write when he can fit it in around everything else.

Kehaar is a Wirral hatched & raised amateur writer, old school gamer, runner, blogger & podcaster. Follow him on  twitter @clarkythecruel

Roleplaying & wargame writing at:   
Current RPG campaign (w Gareth Webb) Www.alfiesantics.wordpress.con
Reviews & podcast Dissecting Worlds (the social science in genre fiction) at
Gareth Webb was born an infant and has continued to live ever since.  He grows his own onions, watches the sky and reads books with pictures.  He has also been known to write words.

Sporadically blogging his hobbies at:

Current RPG campaign (w Kehaar): Www.alfiesantics.wordpress.con

Fancy joining the team? Email Kehaar at
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