An Introduction & Submission Terms

Cutthroat Creeks is a mosaic novel. Different authors contribute short stories in the same world building up and showing different areas of the shared universe.

Please read the stand alone short stories on the pages to the right or as the word documents on ‘The Stories’ page and let us have your comments.

 It’s a hard edged

  •   swords & sorcery world with
  • a western & film noir feel and
  •  dark ages technology & ritual magic.

Further information on the world is available in ‘The Valley’ Pages.

We’re actively recuriting so if you’d like to contribute to  the world building through art, cartography, helping with the background or in any other way please twitter @clarkythecruel or email . Submission details for writers follow.


Stories should be:
no more than 7,000 words long.
Edited to the best of your ability
and attached as word documents in the email.
Stories should be submitted to:

In the subject line please write one of the following:
Submission: Story Title

Please add a bio with links to your own sites, paste them in the mail (this is for The Authors section.)

Because of the nature of the site violence and profanity (in reason) will be tolerated. However there are things that we do not expect to see or have to read. Unless it’s intrinsic to the plot or motivation of the characters do not send us stories containing:

Gratuitous or deviant sex.
Overt cruelty to children.
Racist, religious, phobic or political ranting.

And please, because we don’t advocate the practice:

No juvenile self-harming or juvenile suicide/misery stories.

Because of the adult nature of the site you must be 16+ to submit work.

There will be NO PAYMENT, only the knowledge that others are reading and enjoying your work. The author retains all copyright to the works (be aware that some publishers will not take works previously published on the web), but we encourage feedback from our readers, the kind of support that is invaluable.


This site is for the enjoyment of reading and writing genre fiction. The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the editors. The editors reserve the right to refuse any submission, and the reason for their decision will not be entered into. In other words, please respect their decision.

This site appears under a creative commons licence. It is non-profit making.

Photographs and artwork included on the site are sourced from photosharing sites, and it is our belief that permission has been given to their use. If anyone does not want their image used on this site, please email us at and the image will be withdrawn forthwith.

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